2016.10.03. 14:25
Tomato sauce seems to do that to a lot of people. Wa8#sn&217;t aware of the double mozz. That is STRONG. Really please do try the fresh garlic. And butter, of course, is better than margarine (and better for you!). Even though not a burger, this is a very strong post. Thanks.

2016.10.03. 14:21
WOW this post is up early! It12Ws 9:00pm on Sunday here in Hawaii haha! Great post Pastel – love the vids and the look back at David meeting Alison was so cute – that was one of the best moments ever!Have a great Monday everyone!

2016.10.03. 14:14
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2016.10.03. 14:04
I love the chevron print rug up the stairs! This is betuiaful. She looks like Chelsea Handler, too! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! :) Congrats on your work hanging in her house!!!

2016.10.03. 13:57
Hidup mati ada ditangan tuhan. Manusia tidak punya hak sama sekali untuk mengambil nyawa maausin.Namun jika tuhan (Allah swt) telah menyerukan untuk mengambil nyawa manusia (yg telah Allah tetapkan) melalui hukumnya, maka lakukanlah. Menegakkan hukum Allah, Syariat Islam.

2016.10.03. 13:57
Beautiful! I loved Florence myself. And excellent photos. What lens did you have to make the buildings look so… model-ish? Th&;1#82a7ts a really cool effect. O_O!